Thursday, October 25, 2012

This weeks Mega Haul all under $50

Some of you may know that Sinful Colors Nail Polish is on Sale for $0.99  this week 10/21/12 through 10/27/12 at Walgreen's.  You have to get the new "balance rewards" card though.  I signed up and got a $5 off $20 purchase but it was only good for 48 hours, which I put to good use.  The nail art polishes are on sale too.  I picked up 13 on Sunday and a few more on Tuesday.  I only buy Sinfuls during this sale, they retail for $1.99 anyway, but why not save the extra $1. Here's what I got:

Muse, Jungle Trail, Smokin, In the Mist
Hot Spot, Gone Platinum, Hot Wired, Moss Have, Precious Metal
Last Chance, Irish Green, Happy Ending, Mesmerize
Also at Walgreen's, the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes are on clearance for $1.89 at my stores.  The CSM line is being reformulated and re-released so they are on clearance at Walgreens.  Target has certain colors on clearance as well.  They've been on clearance for a while so most stores are cleaned out, but I hit the mother load.  I found a store that didn't know they were supposed to be marked down.  They were on clearance in the computer but they didn't have the stickers out.  I had been to 2 other Walgreen's in the area looking for cheap polish as CSM polish is $7-8 or more depending on where you shop.  The stores I went to were pretty much wiped out, but the 3rd one I went to had a full selection.  I was able to get all of the colors I wanted except 1, but they didn't carry that color anyway.  I'm was on the hunt for Pumice, which is a Target exclusive color.  I got used my $5 off of $20, so I got 11 CSM colors for $16.74 after tax.  My receipts says I saved over 80% and over $66.  That's a great deal in my book!  If you can find a Walgreens that still has some of these I'd recommend trying them.  I never picked them up because of the price before. I went back to buy Halloween candy at another Walgreens and got 4 more which is all they had left.  Here's what I got:

Pedal to the Medal, Pat on the Black, Greige Gardens, Plum Luck, Good to Grape
Sheer Me Now, Pink Slip, Polar Bare, Hidden Treasure
Raisin the Bar, Wine Not, Haute Chocolate, All Fired Up, Right Said Red, Black Platinum
I shop at Target alot and polish is always on my list.  They had a bunch of L'Oreal stuff on clearance and some Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicures on sale.  Of course the first Target I went to didn't have Pumice which for some reason I had to have.  It was a LE color by Alexander Wang for Sally Hansen for Fashion Week to go with his new 2012 runway collection.   I went to another Target later in the week and I scored the very last one.  Pumice was really popular to begin with, and now they are starting to mark down the SH CSM fashion week Target colors.  I had coupons for the L'Oreal and the Revlon too.

Pumice, Rainy Piccadilly, Notting Hill Blues, Moon Candy Cosmic
I can't wait to swatch all of these!  I'm going on a no/very low buy now.  I have so many untrieds its unreal.

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