Friday, October 12, 2012

The new and Improved Influenster Site

If you read my blog, periodically you see me post about stuff I received in a Voxbox or from Influenster.

What is Influenster you ask?

It is a program that is free to join, and based on your profile they send you boxes of products to test out.  In the old program you took surveys and earned badges.  Based on demographics and badges you've earned you may or may not get selected for the programs going on at the time.  I wish it was a little clearer on how you get selected.  Some people have a certain badge and don't get picked while other do.  You do get a survey if you are selected for the program and a few weeks later you get your box.  There is a score now that I'm sure will determine selection for new programs moving forward.  There are also some new badges in the new program.

In the new program, the same rules apply but now you have an influenster score.  The score is supposed to determines if you qualify for the latest programs.  You still have to earn badges, but to become more influential and earn a higher score you have to do reviews and answer questions that are useful.  You can post pictures, tweet, post on facebook, blog, etc. and it all affects you score.  Other influensters have to think that what you are posting is useful for your score to go up, so you actually have to post useful information.  Pictures and videos get you bonus points.  I feel like this may or may not be a good thing.  Really good if you write good honest reviews and answers to questions, which I try to do, but I feel like people may start writing reviews on stuff that they don't know anything about just to get a higher score to qualify for future programs.  I feel like people will try to game the system.  I've been very happy with all of the products I've gotten in both of the boxes I've received, but I try to give honest reviews.  If I got a product I didn't like I would say so.  I also don't spend all day on the internet, blogging, writing reviews, posting on facebook and tweeting.  I hope that the honest people that participate still get a chance to get a box and participate in the program.

How does it work?

Each box comes with its own tasks. You have challenges for each brand of product in your box that you are supposed to test as well as a survey to fill out. Not everyone gets every item that goes out in every box, some items go out to specific demographics. In my last box I got a bar of soap, while others got waxing strips, vitamins, or some kind of lotion to test. We all got a secondary survey to fill out for that specific product. That is different from my last box. I can't tell if it went through though. I did have some issues submitting my voxbox survey, but I used a computer with a different browser and it went through just fine.  Influenster's admin support is great and they have a quick response time.  They are always posting stuff on facebook and twitter so you can stay up to date on the new programs and when stuff is due for submitting surveys and challenges. 

As far as the site goes, I used to have problems logging into the old site all the time. I am usually able to login with no issues now. That is a big plus. It made it difficult to complete brand challenges and earn badges before when you couldn't login.

It has take some getting used to finding where things are on the new site, but overall I like the layout and think that the way to earn badges and up your score is fair. There are plenty of ways to participate and lots of programs for everyone. So far I'm happy with it and hope that I qualify for future programs. I enjoy being and Influenster and can't wait to see what products they have for us in the future.

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