Friday, June 28, 2013

Dr. Scholl's® For Her Ball of Foot

I love my heels, but sometimes they kill my feet after an hour because I don't wear them everyday.  I am a bridesmaid in November and I have a pair of shoes that are comfortable, but after wearing them all day I'm sure my feet are going to hurt.  Enter Dr. Scholl's® For Her Ball of Foot inserts.  I received a pair in my Something Blue VoxBox from Influenster.  I've tried other Dr. Scholl's products so it's a brand I trust.  I've also tried other ball of foot inserts, but I haven't found any that really worked so I was really happy to see these in the box.

I have pair of heels that I love, but they really hurt my feet after an hour or 2.  I tried out the ball of foot inserts on my 10 year anniversary last weekend.  These are a lifesaver.  My feet didn't hurt at all.  We did some standing and walking that normally would have had me in bare feet in these shoes.  These inserts really did the trick.  I really love that you can transfer them to another pair of shoes but I can see myself buying a pair for every pair of heels I own.

I am going to recommend these to the bridal party and the bride for the wedding that I'm in.  I love that they are clear and they didn't damage my shoe.  The other inserts I've tried had double stick tape and you couldn't adjust them once they were in the shoe.  Others that I tried slide around or change the fit of your shoe.  These stuck to the shoe perfectly and didn't slide at all, but you could move them if you needed to make and adjustment to get them under your foot to get the perfect comfort.  My shoe still fit perfectly and I didn't even notice they were there.
Bottom line if you love heels, you need these inserts.  I'll be picking up a few pair to add to my work shoes and my fun shoes so I can finally wear some of the heels that I love that are painful to wear. 

Q-tips® Precision Tips™

I received two sample packs of Precicsion Q-tips in my Something Blue Voxbox from Influenster. 

I love these Q-tips.  I use them all the time for cleaning up my manicures.  I change my polish several times a week so I get a ton of use out of these.  They also came in travel sized boxes so I can take them everywhere.  I love that!  They are perfect for cleaning up around the cuticle area if you happen to make a mess while polishing.  I recommend using pure acetone for cleanup and cleaning up after each coat of polish. 

The precision Q-tips are also perfect for cleaning stamping plates.  Here is a picture of some nail art I
did using a stamping plate.  The starbursts were really hard to clean with a cotton ball, so I pulled out my precision Q-tips and they really were able to clean up the plate so I could continue stamping and get clean lines.  I cleaned up my manicure with the Precision Q-Tips as I went.

When I'm getting ready for a special night out and I wear more make up than usual, I keep my box of Precision Q-tips within arms reach.  I know I'll need them for several types of makeup.

Other uses for Precision Q-tips are cleaning up mascara mistakes, which is something I use them for as well.  They do a great job getting under the lash without smudging your mascara.  They are perfect with the pointy tip for grabbing any clumps or separating lashes that may have stuck together during application.. 

You can also use them as an eyeshadow applicator, they are perfect for the crease, while you can use these or regular Q-tips for the rest of the lid.  I can never find my eyeshadow brushes, but I've always got Q-tips handy.

I also like to use the Precision Q-tips to apply concealer where I need it.  I have dark circles under my eyes and the occasional blemish that I want to hide.  The concealer applicator doesn't always apply concealer that well and this way you don't have to worry about putting a dirty applicator back in the tube, you get a clean one each time you use the concealer.  These are perfect for application and blending concealer where you need it.