Tuesday, October 30, 2012

China Glaze Swanky Silk

Today I have Swanky Silk from the China Glaze Bohemian Collection.  

Here is what they look like on a nail wheel.  There are a total of 6 Bohemians.  I really like them, the formula is decent on all of them.  They all need 3 coats to even out brush strokes and get full coverage.

L to R: Rare and Radiant, Swanky Silk, No Plain Jane, Unpredictable, Deviantly Daring, Want My Bawdy
This is the most neutral of the shades, and probably the most work appropriate if you need to wear conservative colors on your hands at work.  Swanky Silk is a shiny metallic taupey beige with a coppery or rose gold colored shift, every once in a while you get a little bit of green too.  It is also perfect for fall with the rose gold.  I think this is one of the more duochrome colors in the collection.  I normally don't wear neutral colors, but I had a professional meeting to go to and didn't know how a more bold color would go.  I went with this because it is neutral yet interesting.  It was tough to get a good photo of the flash and duochrome nature of Swanky Silk.

Attempting to catch the flash, you can see the rose gold on the right

My husband said it looked like Humpty Dumpty from Puss n Boots, which we had just watched with the kids, when he dressed up as the golden egg to steal the gosling that lays golden eggs from.  Needless to say mama goose is not happy wants her baby back.

The the formula is a bit sheer, but the pigment was great.  I had some staining from previous manicure, and you couldn't really tell after the first coat.  The formula is also a little thin, but not terrible.  I recommend 3 thin coats.  I had some pooling around the cuticle, but found that wiping the excess off the brush and doing thinner coats took care of that problem.  Once I got used to the formula I had no application issues and almost no clean up.  I did 3 coats for full coverage and to get rid of visible nail line and even out nail blemishes.  The first coat is a little streaky, but the 2nd and 3rd are better and the brush strokes almost completely disappear on the 2nd coat and are gone by the 3rd.  Dry time is pretty quick so I didn't mind 3 coats.  The camera is unforgiving with this polish, you can see the blemishes more so in the photo than you could on my nail.  I would have never taken pictures otherwise.  Since I already had take the photos I thought I'd post them and explain what happened.  You can see that it looks like I have shrinkage in the photo, but in reality the end of my nail peeled and it really shows in the photos.  I think next time I would use a creme polish as underwear if I have damage or get a ridge filler to help clear up damaged spots.

I purchased this with my own money and the opinions are my own.

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