Sunday, February 3, 2013

Milani HD

Despite the fact that the sun hasn't been shining and the weather has gone from belown zero, to warm, to raining, to below zero and snowing all in a matter of days I felt rainbow polish was in order.  Milani HD is a silver scattered holographic polish.  It is one of the 3D holographics.  I picked up all six at CVS.

I have to say I'm very impressed with these polishes!  They apply like butter and dry extremely fast.  There is no grit to the polish at all despite all the sparkle.  HD required 3 coats for the opacity achieved in the photos here.  There is still a little visible nail but it is barely there.  Normally that would bother me, but it was hardly noticeable.    You could always wear it over silver or grey to eliminate that problem.  I might try that next.

I really like the Milani brushes too.  There was little to no clean up needed with HD.  The holographic in HD was amazing.  It was scattered, but you could catch a linear rainbow when the light hits the nails just right.  I would recommend these while they are still available.  CVS recently had them on clearance for less than $2 a bottle, but I'm not sure if the winter beauty clearance is still going on.

I purchased this with my own money and the opinions are my own.


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