Monday, February 18, 2013

Amy's Nail Boutique Chesapeake

I've been slacking on the posting.  I've been taking the pictures and doing the painting but life has been crazy as of late.  I had the day off today so was able to catch up on some of my posts for the last 2 weeks and get back on track. 

Amy's Nail Boutique is one of my favorite indie polish makers.  I picked up Chesapeake during a sale she had on her winter polishes.  It is a unique color and reminds me of being out on the ocean.  It has different sized turquoise glitter as well as green and baby blue glitters.  It is pretty sheer, so I layered 2 coats of Chesapeake over 2 coats of NYC Cashmere Crème which is a pale baby blue.

As always, Amy's polish had no issues with application.  This polish isn't as glitter packed as the others I have from her so it took some work to get the larger glitters out, but it wasn't unreasonable.

I still think she has this available in her shop, as well as a bunch of new creations.  Amy has ventured in to holo's and she's got amazing glitters.  Check out her shop or her facebook page for updates.

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