Sunday, February 3, 2013

Butter London Trustafarian

This week was holo week, and to finish out it out I went with Butter London's Trustafarian.  It is a subtle scattered holo, but its there.  I had a really hard time capturing the holo in the photos.

Trustafarian is a sage green polish with golden holographic shimmer, which is unusual.  Most of holos I have go with silver vice gold.  Gold and green go well together so this was a perfect combo.  I love green polish.  My favorite color is blue, but purple and green dominate my polish collection.

Application was perfect.  The formula was excellent.  I had almost no cleanup.  The cap on the Butter London's is small so it takes some getting used to, but the brush is great.  What you see here is two coats with a quick dry top coat.  I got great wear out of this polish as well, I wore it for 4 days before it chipped and I was doing some serious house cleaning when it happened.  Anything that wears for 2 days or more is good in my book.


I purchased this polish with my own money and the opinions are my own.

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