Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day (a few days late)

This was my Valentine's Day manicure.  I know its a few days late, but I wanted to post it anyway.
This is 2 coats of OPI's Animal-istic with several coats of Revlon's Hearts of Gold FX. 

Animal-istic had no application issues and is a fun red from the Muppets collection.  I liked it so much I did my fingers and toes with it.

Hearts of Gold was a bit difficult to work with.  I got it for 40% off at Rite-aid so it wasn't a total bust.  It is a thick clear jelly with small gold fleck glitter which I like, that part was OK.  The hard part was the hearts.  You rarely get one on the brush and when you do they require manipulation to get them where you want.  The base polish builds up while you are doing this making it build up a bit too much.  Fortunately its clear so you can't tell but it does make dry time longer.

I did like the holo hearts and the gold together.  I didn't care for the final outcome, but it was perfect for the holiday.  I wasn't crazy about it over the red and I think I put too many hearts on each finger.  I think it would look better over a more neutral color or a nude.  I'm a less is more kind of girl so I'm not giving up on this one yet.

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