Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Butter London Fiver

So Santa must have thought I was a very good girl this year because I got lots of Butter London goodies for Christmas!  One of the lovelies under the tree for me was Fiver, one of the Spring colors that is set to be released tomorrow.  Not sure how Santa, AKA my awesome husband, got ahold of it, but he did a really good job picking colors that I didn't already have.  It helps that I don't have many Butter London's.  I was very excited to get nail polish for Christmas, let alone an unreleased Butter London color.

Fiver is a really pretty mint green.  It will be perfect for spring.  The other colors in the collection are pastels as well, and I can't wait to see what they look like.  If you are a mint green polish lover I really recommend this one.  The first coat went on a little thin and streaky, but the second coat was fine.  Everything went on smooth and leveled nicely after the initial coat.  I did have some balding on 3 of my nails after the second coat so I did 3 coats on all of my nails just to be safe and even everything out.  That was operator error, not the polish.  I always get bald spots on my thumb and right index finger no matter what polish I use.

Butter London is available on their website and Fiver should be available at Macy's soon, since that's where my Santa picked it up.  Butter London will be releasing more information about their Spring Collection on December 26th.  If you are a pastel person and you love Butter London, I recommend checking them out.  Keep and eye out on their Facebook page for sale updates and news.


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