Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Review of Non-Drowsy Dramamine

I've used dramamine for years.  The one drawback is that it always made me sleepy, but it did keep the motion sickness and nausea at bay when it struck.  I always take it with me and deal with the drowsy side effects for the sake of not feeling sick.

When I was young, it was tradition to go to the local theme park Kennywood.  As a kid I rode every ride in the park multiple times without a hint of nausea or motion sickness.  As I got older, things changed and I get carsick sometimes or the rides bother me especially the ones that spin.  Atleast my beloved roller coasters don't usually bother me.  I normally get a little bit of nausea after a ride, but it goes away as I walk around the park or wait in line with my family.

I was happy to receive this product in my Nuture VoxBox, as my oldest son suggested we make our annual pilgrimage to Kennywood this past weekend.  It was a beautiful day and we went for the evening.  I took 2 pills as directed on the box before we left for the park.  I am happy to report that I experienced absolutely no nausea symptoms during our outing to the park.  There were also no drowsy or unwanted side effects, which we all know can sometimes accompany non-drowsy products.  I felt great all afternoon and evening.  This is very exciting for me as I love going to theme parks with my kids but I have to sit out of some rides because they don't make me feel so well.  

We have a vacation later this summer with a long drive, a boat ride, and a theme park planned during that trip.  These will be in my bag this summer with my other must take medication to keep me feeling my best.

This product was provided by Influenster for complimentary testing purposes.  

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