Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Influenster Nuture Voxbox Review

I love receiving Voxboxes from Influenster to review.  I was very happy to find out I'd be receiving this box.  I always get a mix of stuff I've never heard of, never tried, and tried and true items I love.

Inside was a facemask by Hada Labo Tokyo, a full sized Attitude Shampoo and body wash combo product, a coupon for a free bag of Ore Ida Easy Fries or Tater Tots, a coupon for a free box of Uncle Ben's rice, a packet of Red Vines Licorice, a box of non-drowsy Dramamine tablets, and Blue Lizard Sunscreen.

The first thing I tried was the Dramamine.  I was headed to the amusement park with my family and am happy to report that it really kept the nausea away and there were no side effects to report.

I was extremely happy to receive the coupons.  Free food is always a plus, especially with 2 hungry little boys around.  Ore Ida and Uncle Ben's are brands I know and trust and keep around all the time.  The Easy Fries are a quick and tasty side for a weeknight dinner.  The Uncle Ben's rice was a great side for a night when I have a little more time to make dinner, but it still only took 10 minutes to make and tastes great. 

I'm always skeptical about 2 in 1 products, but the Attitude shampoo and body wash really delivers.  Usually something that washes my body strips my hair of all moisture and leaves it either too dry or with a residue.  This product is really nice.  It lathers nicely, cleans well, and smells good.  I think because it doesn't have all the stuff in it that other shampoos and body washes do it doesn't strip my hair like other products do.  I've been using natural shampoo and this was on par with that product and I love that I can find it at Target.

I've been loving the Blue Lizard Sensitive Sunscreen.  I keep it in my purse and apply whenever I'm in the sun, which is almost all the time lately.  My boys are very active and both play baseball.  We've been spending alot of time at the baseball field or at the park so keeping this in my bag has been really great.  My son has sensitive skin and alot of sunscreens make my face breakout.  This doesn't both either of us so we've been using it alot.

The Red Vines got mixed reviews in my house.  I was never a fan of Red Vines, I just don't care for the flavor.  I think they are cherry flavored and I don't like cherry flavored anything.  My oldest son and husband felt the same, however my husband kept sneaking them out of the bag at the baseball tournament we were at over 4th of July weekend.  My youngest son, however loved them as did all of the younger siblings cheering for our team over the weekend.

The final item I used from the box was the facial mask.  I don't get much down time so finding some quiet time to enjoy it was tough.  I've never used a paper mask like this before and it was a little strange.  It is very moisturizing though.  I typically use masks to pull out impurities, not put moisture back in, so it was a nice change.

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