Monday, January 21, 2013

Nails Inc. Shaftesbury Avenue

This is my first foreign brand of polish.  It was a Christmas gift from my husband.  It was a brand of polish that I didn't already have, so I commend him on his shopping.  This is Shaftesbury Avenue by Nails Inc.  It is made in London and you can find it at Sephora in the US.  This is one of their magnetic polishes, and the first magnetic I've shown on the blog.

The star came out best on both thumbs
Its a lovely green color on its own without the magnetic effect but it does have some brushstrokes.  That's common I've found with the magnetic polishes.  I have some drugstore ones that I've used before I started blogging and some are better than others.  This one however applied very nicely.  Usually I have a hard time getting the magnetic effect to show up without several tries.  This polish worked very well and I only had to redo a few nails and that was because I smudged them not because the magnet/polish didn't work.  The magnetic cap has a guard on it but if you aren't paying attention to keeping it level over your nail you can     smudge the end of your nail which is what happened to me.

No effect on a nail wheel

What do you think of magnetics?  I've got a few others, and they are hit or miss.  I need to experiment with the magnet from this one to see if it is the polishes or the magnets that make the biggest difference in successful outcome.  I find that the image is really sharp when you first apply the magnet and then it gets fuzzy as the polish dries.  I'm happy with the outcome with this polish and it dried relatively quickly.

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