Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goody QuikStyle Paddly Brush

One of the items I received in my Influenster Holiday Voxbox was the Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush. It claims to remove 30% water for faster drying. I'm not sure what percent of water the brush removes, but I know my hair dries faster. I haven't noticed that the brush is wet after I dry my hair. I blow-dry then straighten my hair from its naturally unruly wavy state 3-4 times a week before I head to work, so I welcome anything that saves me time in the morning. I actually cut several inches off my hair so I wouldn't have to spend as much time on styling. My hair takes forever to dry, so I have to blow-dry before I straighten it. I wish I had this brush 2 months ago. I could have kept my length and done my hair in the same amount of time. I'm down to less than 15 minutes to dry and straighten my shoulder length hair.

I have also noticed that I don't have to use as much heat with my straightener which is a bonus.  The less heat to my hair the less damage.  My hair also stays straighter with the use of this brush which I love!!!  Normally after a blowout and straightening my hair, I get frizzy and wavy by the end of the day if there is any moisture in the air.  With winter upon us I would normally not even bother to do my hair.  Since I got this in my holiday box I decided to give it a try.  I've been doing my hair atleast 3 times a week, and I've noticed with the use of this brush and my normal styling products and routine I'm still straight at the end of the day and into the next day.

Here are some pictures of my hair routine from this morning.  My total styling time was less than 15 minutes. I wrap my hair in a towel after washing it.  After blow drying with the QuikStyle I straightened my hair with my straightening iron few minutes.

Towel Dried Hair

3 minutes with the Quikstyle and my hair dryer.  Totally dry hair

Still straight after a full day of work.  No styling products.  I wore my winter hat today too.
I really like this brush. I've always been a fan of Goody products. On the days I don't dry my hair straight you can usually find a Goody headband, hair tie, or spin pin in my hair. The spin pins are amazing but that's a post for another day. I think I might actually get the round version of this brush for those days I want to add some curl and volume, both brushes sell at Target for around $12. They also make a comb Target has them for around $6, but my store was sold out or I would have gotten one.

With this brush in my beauty drawer I now can have the length and style I want without spending an hour drying and styling it. 

Some info from Influenster's Page:
The Goody® brand is part of Newell Rubbermaid®’s Home Solutions Business Unit. More than 100 years of innovation has made Goody the most widely-recognized manufacturer of hair accessories and styling tools in the world. Through proprietary brands such as DoubleWear™, QuikStyle™, Simple Styles™, Slide-Proof™ and Ouchless®, Goody has introduced smart innovations like the exclusive Spin Pin and QuikStyle Brush. With products inspired by the latest designer trends and innovative solutions, Goody offers an inspiring range of hair accessories and styling tools. Goody and Newell Rubbermaid are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

SPOTTED : $12.99 at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Duane Reade

Some info from Goody's Product Page:

Go from wet to beautifully styled hair faster than ever!  Super absorbent microfiber bristles remove 30% of water as you style*. It's like a towel and a brush in one.
Absorbent microfiber bristles remove 30% of water for faster styling
Antimicrobial microfiber keeps the brush fresh
Side Vents for maximum air flow
Lightweight design to reduce hand fatigue while drying
Ergonomic handle is textured for extra grip

*In laboratory testing, the Goody QuikStyle brush removed an average 30% of water from hair across a variety of hair types. Results vary upon usage.

How to use: 
Use the paddle brush as you would use your usual brush.  To help speed your styling routine, the brush is designed for detangling wet hair, quick removal of excess water and styling with or without a hair dryer.

How to dry: 
The brush will air dry following use.  A blast of hot air from your hair dryer will speed the drying of the microfiber bristles.

How to clean: 
Gently run a wide tooth comb through the bristles to remove excess hair, then wash the bristles with warm water and shampoo.  To refresh the microfiber bristles, turn the brush over and tap the back with the palm of your hand.

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