Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stamping Saturday

My birthday was last weekend and my husband asked me what I wanted.  He assumed I wanted polish, but I had been eyeing the new Pueen Buffet Stamping Plates that just came out.  They were sold out at Pueen, but Amazon had them.  The reviews from the other stampers have been nothing short of fantastic, so that's what he got me along with the Pueen Love Elements set.  I've done some test stamps with both sets and the quality is great.  Every image I've tried is etched perfectly and stamps cleanly and clearly.

I used plate 46 from the Love Elements set.  I stamped with my Winstonia squishy stamper.

I started with 2 coats of Can We Carol on from Different Dimensions which you can find here.  It is a pale lavender holographic shown on the wheel below.  

Then I stamped with Funky Fingers Keyan Sunset.  You can find Funky Fingers polish at Five Below stores, not sure if this one is still available. Kenyan Sunset is  thick making it perfect for stamping.  It is a holographic royal purple but the holo doesn't really show up on the wheel, it does sparkle in the sunlight though and the formula is really nice as a base color too.

Here is my final result.  I'm really happy with these plates and how my stamping skills have progressed over the last few weeks with some practice. 

Different Dimensions polish and Pueen plates were purchased by me, Kenyan Sunset was provided as a prize in a giveaway.

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