Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zoya Watermelon Nails

I was inspired by my Meg post the other day to try my hand at watermelon nails before summer is over.  I wore Meg on my fingers and toes back in July, and the manager at my local Sally Beauty Supply said she loved it and the color reminded her of watermelon.  When I finally updated the post the other day, an idea was born.  Since this was my first attempt and I wasn't sure I could pull this off, I decided to do the watermelon as an accent. 

For the base color I used Zoya Tracie since she's been sitting on my shelf for a while waiting to be used.  Tracie is from the Beach collection and Zoya describes her as: A faded, yellow-toned pistachio green with delicate silvery shimmer for a frosted pearl finish. Great for a fresh-looking twist on vintage avocado green.  I think it looks like a green tomato, with a slight pearly finish.  I have tomatoes on the brain since I have them everywhere in my garden.  The formula on Tracie was awesome, which is something I've come to expect with Zoya.  I needed 2 coats for full coverage.  I really love this color.  It is really different and I have nothing else like it.  It is the only pearly, shimmery shade in the creamy Beach collection.

Zoya Tracie
For the watermelon flesh I used 2 coats of Zoya Kimber, which Zoya describes as: Rich, bright and saturated medium magenta pink with strong gold metallic shimmer and a foil-like finish. A huge hit of color and a shot of shiny gold metal make this polish look electric.  Kimber is the perfect watermelon color, with a ton of gold flecks.  I'm not a pink girl, and I really like Kimber, she's pink, she's red, and she's a little bit orange

For the watermelon rind I used Zoya Meg and Tracie.  I used painters tape to do a french manicure once Kimber was completely dry.  Then I used my dotting tools to dot on Tracie to give it the striped effect.  You can't really see them though.  If you don't have dotting tools you can use a tooth pick, the ball end of a straight pin for sewing, or a bobby pin.

For the seeds I used my dotting tools and Spoiled's Visually Slimming, which is a great black for dotting or stamping.  And to add a whimsical touch, I felt the need to add a white seed with Spoiled's Correction Tape, also great for stamping and dotting.  You always get white seeds in your watermelon, even the seedless ones so a watermelon mani just wouldn't be complete without them.  What do you think?  My boys said they looked yummy and wanted to eat them.  My 2 year old actually tried to bite my finger.

Zoya is available via their website at and at Ulta and other select retailers.  Spoiled is made by Wet n Wild and is available exclusively at CVS, but not all stores carry it.  I got my dotting tools from Ebay for less than $2 but they can also be found on Amazon.

I purchased each of these colors myself and the opinions are my own.


  1. Unfried green tomato!

    I LOVE that your nail looks so good your son tried to eat it! I'm telling you, the white seed makes it! :)


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