Monday, August 20, 2012

Zoya Meg

Today I've got Zoya's Meg.  I wore this color back in July when I wrote this post, but I finally got around to getting the pictures off of my camera and using the photo software I got and haven't used much.  I'm using Pearl Mountain Image Converter which I won in a giveaway from the wonderful Beyond Beauty Lounge.

Meg is my latest and last addition to the Surf Collection.  I have to admit that Meg doesn't scream Summer to me, she reminds me of shiny Christmas wrapping paper.  I should put some red dots or something and do a Christmas in July mani.  I went to Sally's to pick up some polish of course and the Manager told me she loved it and Meg reminded her of watermelon.  

Zoya describes Meg as a light yellow-toned mermaid green with heavy gold and silver metallic shimmer and a sparkling foil finish. A light and fresh looking green with added sparkle and shine.  I think of mermaid's as a little more blue, so I would describe it as the color of fresh green grass.  It does have a ton of silver to give it the foil look, more so than the other's from this collection.

I loved the Surf Collection and so far I've loved all of the colors.  Meg is my least favorite in color and formula.  I like the color, I just don't love it.  I think I'll put her back on the shelf until December and giver her another try.  I didn't get as many brush marks with the other foils from this collection.  I did my toes with Meg and they look alot better than my fingers, I did paint them first and with alot more care. My left hand looks better than my right, so I think there was some operator error involved.  That's what I get for doing my nails at night after a long day.

I'm not going to give up on Meg just yet.  I think she'd be perfect for Christmas, I'll have to experiment with my reds to find the perfect match.  I ordered some striping tape from ebay and I'm planning a plaid Christmas mani with the red tape, but I'm thinking maybe a watermelon mani before summer is out.  I'm nail art challenged, but I just got my dotting tools and I've got some painter's tape in the garage.

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