Friday, November 16, 2012

Cyberspace & Sunshine

The sun is finally out in PA.  It is chilly, but the sun is shining.  I took all of these pictures in direct sunlight.

Today I've got Milani Cyberspace which is one of the 3D Hographic polishes.  It is a scattered holo versus a linear holo.  I picked it up during a B1G1 50% off sale at CVS.  CVS is the only place around me that sells Milani products that I've come across so far.  I first saw Cyberspace on Tall Girl in Heels and fell in love, and finally got my hands on them when they went on sale.

Cyberspace went on like a dream.  It does need 3 coats for full opacity.  You can get away with 2 but you will still have visible nail line in certain lighting.  I went with 3 just to be safe.  Dry time was quick so I didn't mind.  I can't wait to try out the other 3 that I got.

Blurred to show sparkle

I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions are my own.

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