Monday, July 23, 2012

Influenster Mom VoxBox Review

I was lucky enough to receive a Mom VoxBox from Influenster this month.  Influenster is a program where you sign up and if you meet the requirements for that month's box they will send you a selection of products to test.  To see a description of all of the products check out my post here:

I got a Quaker Soft Baked Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, which was delicious and didn't last very long.  It was a large sized cookie, and not overly sweet.  As a working mom of 2 toddlers in daycare I'm always looking for single serve items to throw in a lunch box or to give my boys as a snack on the go.  I personally love oatmeal raisin cookies and the Quaker Oatmeal Recipe is the only one I bake with, but I don't have the time to bake, and when I do the request is always for chocolate chip.  I bought more Oatmeal Raising and Apple Cinnamon at my local store to share with my family.  My husband didn't care for the texture, but he's very picky about his cookies.  My kids and I loved them.

A whole box of Stash Tea Super Fruits Sampler.  It contains 18 tea bags in 6 different flavors.  I've been a Stash Tea fan for years, so I was thrilled to to get a whole box to test.  In the box are 3 herbal caffeine free teas and 3 green teas.  Stash Fruit Teas can be enjoyed hot or cold, which I love becuase I often don't get to enjoy my tea hot with 2 toddlers running around.  Stash Fruit Teas are wonderful and they've outdone themselves with the Super Fruits.  The Yumberry was my favorite, but they were all delicious.  My only complaint is they were gone too fast.  I would buy a box of each flavor or the sampler again.  I hope my store starts to carry these flavors, if not I'll order these from  They included a $1 off 2 boxes coupon for instore purchase and a 15% off online purchase coupon in the VoxBox.

To go with the teas I also got 2 packets of Nektar Honey Crystals.  I don't usually use honey in my tea unless I have a sore throat because it's not sweet enough for me.  The crystals taste like honey, and again aren't sweet enough for me, but if you like honey provide the sweetness of honey in the convenience of a packet.  They don't leave the sticky honey mess in the bottom of the cup like honey does, and flavor the tea much better because they actually dissolve like sweetener.  I would buy these if I saw them in the store.

I got a set of Impress Nails Press On Manicure.  These are super easy to apply and removed.  The color and shine was nice.  They fit well and weren't too long.  I didin't keep them on very long because they were really rough on the free edge.  It was like they didn't file them down after they broke them out of the molding when they were made.  They kept catching on my clothes and scratching me.  I didn't want to scratch my kids so I took them off after a few hours.  I tried to file them down but didn't have much luck.  If it hadn't been for the rough edges I would have left these on for a few days.

Ivory Bar Soap I'm strictly a body wash girl, but I before the days of body wash and body gels I only used bar soap.  I used the Ivory to clean my makeup brushes, which really needed a good cleaning.  I got a travel soap holder and have left the soap on my bathroom sink and have been using it to wash my face at night before bed as well as to clean my make-up brushes more regularly.  I'll be keeping a lookout for the Ivory body wash in stores.

For myself and my boys we got a pack each of Dentek Dental flossers.  I hate flossing my teeth.  It's a pain.  I have sensitive gums so it literally hurts me to do it, plus I hate sticking my hands in my mouth.  The invention of flossers is a great solution for me.  My teeth are really close together so any floss or flosser with thin floss tends to shred.  I've used the DenTek flossers before and will continue to use them.  Perfect for travel or to keep in your purse.  They come in a zip top bag or I like to put them in snack sized bags and take them with me when I go somewhere.

The ones for the kids are brightly colored.  It is easier to use these on my boys than regular floss since they don't stand still for more than 2 minutes and you can get their back teeth without sticking your whole hand in their mouth.  On the sample bag was a coupon for $1 off.  I bought a bag because my kids complained that they couldn't floss when the pack was empty.  They are perfect for travel and we took them on vacation.  My boys liked the fruit flavor.

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